Robert F. Gish

Robert F. Gish is the author of nearly twenty works of fiction, memoir, folktales, literary biographies and numerous monographs and essays on the literature, history, and culture of the American Southwest.

His story collections include West Bound: Stories of Providence (2005), Bad Boys and Black Sheep: Fateful Stories from the West (1996), Dreams of Quivira: Stories in Search of the Golden West (1996), When Coyote Howls: A Lavaland Fable (1994), and First Horses: Stories of the New West (1993). He also has written a memoir of growing up in the West, Songs of My Hunter Heart: A Western Kinship (1992), and a collection of cross-cultural essays, Beyond Bounds: Anglo, Chicano, and Native American Literature (1996). His literary biographies include Frontierís End: The Life and Literature of Harvey Fergusson (1988), and Beautiful Swift Fox: Erna Fergusson and the Modern Southwest (1996).

Critical-analytical studies include Paul Horgan (1983), Nueva Granada: Paul Horgan and the Southwest (1995), William Carlos Williams: The Short Fiction (1989), and Hamlin Garland: The Far West (1976). Gish is a contributing editor to The Bloomsbury Review, The American Indian Culture and Research Journal, and Jazz Inside Magazine.